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Adirondack Connections is an all-season, fully insured private guide and trip planning service specializing in small group outdoor adventures for individuals, women, couples/partners and families.  We offer lightweight backpack, paddle, hike, and camping trips during the spring, summer and fall seasons.  Our guided Loon Excursions are wonderful opportunities to watch and learn more about the  Common Loon.  We are based minutes from the more remote & "motorless" waters of the St. Regis Canoe, Bog River Flow and Whitney Wilderness areas in the northern Adirondacks.  For a unique & enjoyable paddling experience, we invite you to join us for our Adirondack Pond Hopping Canoe Trips which offer opportunities to explore the many glacial ponds, streams and lakes that comprise our wilderness playground.  If you enjoy paddling, hiking and backpacking, our Hornbeck Boat Pack & Paddle Trips may be for you.  We provide Hornbeck Boats, the lightest (<12-18 lbs.) & most popular Adirondack built double paddle solo canoe, for our paddle trips.  Click here for a current listing of our scheduled Hornbeck Boat Trips & Events

Adirondack winters provide opportunities for snowshoeing, winter hiking, cross country skiing and cold weather camping.  We offer Snowshoe Day Trips & Weekend Snowshoe Packages.  Packages can include snowshoes, poles, day packs, lodging and meals... whatever you prefer.  We are able to accommodate beginners as well as those with snowshoe experience.  Our Cold Weather Hike, Snowshoe & Camping Experiences are ideal for those who would like to learn more about cold weather travel & camping techniques.  We provide snowshoes, camping gear & meals for our weekend camping events.  You may also bring your own if you prefer.  The choice to sleep outdoors or indoors is up to you with our Winter Camping Workshops.  These experiences are designed for those who would like to learn more about or try winter camping but may not be sure they are ready to sleep outdoors.   

If you are a woman seeking opportunities to spend time with other women with similar interest, be sure to check out our Women's Events & Adventure Trips.  Adirondack Connections offers a variety of get-a-way weekend, backpack, paddle, hike, snowshoe & camping experiences that are perfect for middle age & senior women.  Nature has a way of calming our souls, something sought by many who find themselves "caught up" in our fast paced, high tech society.  Our Women's Events & Adventure Trips are appropriate for newcomers to the outdoors as well as those with prior experience.  We welcome your thoughts for a trip or event that appeals to you.  

Our guides have a great deal of hiking, backpacking & camping experience allowing us to offer Adirondack High Peaks Trips and Backpacking Trips.  Two of our guides have completed climbs to the summits of the 115 peaks over 4000' elevation in the Northeast and enjoy leading private trips for those aspiring to become Adirondack 46ers.  The "non-maintained" or "trailless" peaks are our specialty with the access to the rugged Seward Range a few minutes from our home-base.  We provide partial to complete outfitting (high quality lightweight camping gear, food & meals) for these trips.  Day Hikes are also planned for those who prefer something more leisurely.  We have day packs and trekking poles available for those who may need such.           

We customize adventure packages according to your needs, expectations and comfort levels.  Tell us what type of experience you would like (paddle, hike, backpack, snowshoe, or a combination, etc.), the timeframe you are interested in, where you prefer to spend your evenings (outdoors or indoors) and we'll gladly come up with some possibilities for you to choose from.  We offer partial to complete outfitting, meals, lodging accommodations (prior to, after or throughout your visit)... practically anything you desire for an enjoyable wilderness experience!     

Besides offering a variety of adventure packages and excursions, Adirondack Connections also offers Learn to Use a GPS Workshops.  Public workshops and private tutorials are available for anyone interested in learning more about using a recreational hand-held GPS and mapping software programs. 

Gift certificates are available for the trips and events we advertise, as well as any adventure trip ideas you may have.                                                   

   Articles published about Lynn Malerba and Adirondack Connections:
At Work Guiding in the Adirondacks with Lynn Malerba, published in Northern Woodlands (Winter 2009 issue)     
Women Guides Live Their Dreams
, published in Adirondack Explorer (Mar/Apr 2008)


Wish to explore waters surrounded by pristine Adirondacks?  Unsure of how to go about this venture?  Well, then, visit just as I did several years ago.  Youíll meet Lynn Malerba, whoíll be an extraordinary addition to your paddling life!  This summer, I completed my second pond-hopping experience with this certified Adirondack Guide.  Lynnís knowledge and experience will delight and enrich your day.  It was she who directed our eyes to the osprey nest, to the bald eagle perched far above, to the sunning turtle, to the beaver dam under construction, and our ears to the sound of a loon in distress.  She is just amazing as she guides us along at such a restful pace.  She offers other Adirondack explorations, so be sure to check out her website .... Iím so glad that I did!
Ginny Mc Laughlin
Huntington Station, NY

Thanks so much for being an excellent guide for my son John and I.   I loved how you taught strategies and safety in canoeing and camping so well to a 12 year old with no prior experience and to an old man like me.   The choice of canoes was perfect as was the campsite.  It was great to see John accept personal responsibility for care of his canoe and his camping gear.   On our way home, John announced that he loved the Adirondacks and would like to come back.  Iím sure we will soon.  Thanks again, Lynn.   Have a great summer.

 Bob Petit
Riverside, CT













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