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Adirondack Canoeing Guide


We offer a variety of Canoe Day Paddle Loops, Point-to-Point Traverses and Pond Hopping Trips through Adirondack Wild Forest & Wilderness areas.
"Quieter Waters" Adirondack Paddles & Nature Excursions
Quiet Water Trips & Nature Excursions,Saranac Lake Wild Forest,Bog River & Ten Rivers Region,St. Regis Wilderness Area,Essex Chain of Lakes, Henderson Lake,Upper Hudson River

Adirondack Connections is based in the heart of some of the most pristine waters in the Adirondacks. We've planned a variety of quiet water canoe trips in some of our favorite areas. You'll want a camera and binoculars with you for these trips! Each trip allows opportunities to view a variety of wildlife and seasonal flora as well as beautiful scenery. We invite you to experience the peacefulness, freedom and joy associated with paddling a lightweight solo canoe.

We provide the lightest boats available for exploring the more remote and scenic waters of the Adirondacks. Our boats are Hornbeck double paddle solo canoes and weigh 12 to 18 lbs. They are very "kayak" like combining the best features of a canoe and a kayak. Canoes are roomy, gear haulers, relatively easy to get in and out of and convenient to carry. Kayaks are fast, maneuverable, comfortable, seaworthy and efficient to paddle. Not only do we provide Hornbeck solo canoes, we also put a Werner Kalliste carbon composite paddles (24-26 oz.) in your hands, and include small dry bags, day packs and life vests (PFDs) for our quiet water excursions.

Overnight accommodations may be arranged for those who would like to arrive the night before or stay over after the paddle. We are able to offer a bed & breakfast package to those who make overnight accommodations through us for the night prior and/or the evening we come off the water. We currently have an arrangement with The Timber Lodge, located a mile from our home base for B&B packages. Please let us know in advance if you would like help with overnight accommodations.


We favor the peacefulness and beauty of the small ponds, lakes, rivers and streams in the northern Adirondacks, known as a "Paddlers' Paradise." Our paddle excursions are planned with a new area being explored each trip. Canoe trips are leisurely paced, allowing for exploration and enjoyment of some very scenic areas. We prefer more sheltered waters so wind and big waves are not as much an issue as it is on bigger bodies of water. There are more opportunities to view wildlife on the quieter waters also. Many of our canoe trips are done as loops or point-to-point traverse trips. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL PADDLERS MUST WEAR A PROPERLY FITTED PFD WHILE ON THE WATER. As mentioned above, we provide Hornbeck Boats and paddling gear for trips. You are welcome to bring your own boat, paddle, paddling gear, PFD and packs if you prefer. Contact us for pricing and more information regarding bringing your own boat.

We generally "meet & greet" between 9:30-9:45 AM at a pre-determined location for these trips. Excursions generally last 4-6 hours with multiple "boat breaks" along the way and are dependent upon on the trip location, group interest and weather conditions. The lightweight Hornbeck Boats we provide for trips are perfect for the short portages that often connect the ponds and streams in the areas we often explore. A variety of wildlife is often observed on these outings. Trip location, meeting point, and driving directions to the meeting point are provided once a reservation is received. We send along a recommended list of clothing & gear for the trip. Payment is required to reserve space on a trip. Plan to bring your own lunch, snacks & non-alcoholic beverages. NO GLASS PLEASE. Advance reservations are highly recommended and are necessary to confirm a trip. Last minute inquiries are welcome as well. Please note that trip rates include Hornbeck Boat and paddling gear rental along with compensation for the guide's time to organize, prepare for, transport boats & gear, guide the trip, and care for the boats and gear after the trip.

We have a variety of day paddle trips to choose from. CLICK HERE FOR our more popular DAY PADDLE TRIPS.

We offer occasional guided group day paddle trips. You will find them on our UPCOMING ADVENTURES schedule. CLICK HERE FOR our UPCOMING ADVENTURE SCHEDULE.


GROUP Guided Pond Hops & Day Trip - for our scheduled paddle trips:
Includes Hornbeck solo canoe, canoe transport, paddling gear, PFD, dry sack, day pack.
Maximum group size: 6 Minimum: 2.
We only require a minimum of 2 people to run our scheduled group day trips so BRING A FRIEND!
Should the trip minimum not be met, we would be happy to arrange a private trip for you.
You are welcome to bring your own PFD (life vest) if you prefer.

PRIVATE Guided Pond Hops & Day Trip - for private paddle trip requests:
$235.00 for 1 person
$360.00/for 2 people
Plus $40/person/day for each additional person up to 6 people
Includes Hornbeck solo canoe, canoe transport, paddling gear, PFD, dry sack, day pack.
You are welcome to bring your own PFD (life vest) if you prefer.

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