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Adirondack Canoeing Guide


Quiet Water Canoe Kayak Trips & Nature Excursions,Saranac Lake Wild Forest,Bog River & Ten Rivers Region,St. Regis Wilderness Area,Essex Chain of Lakes, Henderson Lake,Upper Hudson River

We generally plan overnight canoe camping experience in the St. Regis Wilderness, Floodwood & Fish Creek Ponds Wild Forest, William C. Whitney Wilderness, Bog River-Lows Lake Wilderness and Essex Chain of Lakes areas. These areas are highly favored by canoeists and kayakers who return year after year. In regards to trip planning, we prefer to schedule weekday trips for a more peaceful experience and more campsite availability. Our excursions to the more popular destinations are planned during the shoulder seasons for the same reasons.

During the daylight hours of our outings, we enjoy nature's finest while experiencing the peacefulness of the wilderness... a place where time is truly yours to enjoy. Twilight by the water tends to be rather relaxing, allowing us to wind down from the activities of the day. It's a time to fill ourselves with the quietness of the evening while watching any wildlife that wanders or swims by. The quiet is often broken by loons calling to each other and owls hooting throughout the night. It's a serene and lovely time of day. Sunsets across the water are astounding, as are sunrises for those who rise in time to watch them. If conditions are right, the mystique of the rising sun over mist covered waters is a visualization and feeling that will linger with you!

Adirondack Connections canoe trips are unique in that we provides Hornbeck lightweight solo canoes (12 - 18 lbs.) and the top line Werner Kalliste carbon composite paddles (24-26 oz.) for our paddle experiences. These boats are favored by canoeists and kayakers alike. Being the lightest boats available, they are ideal for the many shorter and longer portages that connect our Adirondack waterways. They are paddled like a kayak, glide through the water easier than a kayak, and are very stable. Being a canoe, they are easy to get camping gear in and out of. Guests comment on how easy these boats are to paddle and the freedom they have to explore on their own when out with other people. First time paddlers do very well in these boats, as do young paddlers. We have had children 8 years of age and above in these boats on trips and they have handled them well. Adirondack Connections also provides miscellaneous paddling gear, lightweight camping equipment (except sleeping bags) and meals for an enjoyable, scenic & comfortable adventure. NOTE: Sleeping bags can be provided for an additional cost.


The St. Regis Pond area is ideal for anyone interested in spending quiet nights on a scenic glacial pond in the St. Regis Wilderness. We generally camp on St. Regis Pond and "pond hop" to Upper St. Regis Lake exploring Green, Little Long, Bear & Bog Ponds along the way. These ponds sit at the base of St. Regis Mountain, a wonderful backdrop for this area. Other ponds we "hop" to in this area include Little Clear, Grass, Little Green, and Ochre Ponds. All of these ponds are inhabited by common loons.

The Bog River & Lows Lake area offers a variety of paddling and hiking options. The many islands, sandy beaches, open ridges and floating bogs make this a unique and premier paddling destination... which is why we plan trips here during the off-season. Side trips include optional short hikes, one to an open ridge overlooking the Bog River area which has a spectacular view of the Bog River and High Peaks on a clear day and one to Grass Pond Mt. offering an amazing view of Lows Lake. Paddling side trips include a visit to Grass Pond located on the northwest end of Lows Lake and a meandering paddle up the Bog River to Bog Lake.

The Lake Lila trip allows exploration of Shingle Shanty Brook, Harrington & Rainer Brooks and the Beaver River as well as optional hiking. Swimming is quite popular at the many sandy beaches along the shore, and we are told the fishing is good also. A short hike to the open rock ledge on Frederica Mt. affords beautiful lake and mountain views on a clear day.

Some of the other locations we use for overnight trips include Round Lake-Little Tupper in the Whitney Wilderness area, Henderson Lake nestled in the Adirondack High Peaks near the former settlement of Tahawus, Long Pond in the St. Regis Wilderness, Floodwood & Fish Creek Ponds in the Saranac Lake Wild Forest area near Lake Clear, the Stoney Creek Ponds & Raquette River areas and the Essex Chain of Lakes area south of Newcomb, NY. We plan to add the newly accessible (2016) and highly scenic Boreas Ponds Tract to our overnight trip destinations in in the future.


GROUP Guided Canoe Camping Trips - for our SCHEDULED GROUP trips:

We only require a minimum of 2 people to run our SCHEDULED GROUP Canoe Camping trips so BRING A FRIEND!
Maximum group size is 4 people.
Should the trip minimum not be met, we would be happy to arrange a private trip for you.
We provide Hornbeck Boats, high quality, light weight camping gear and our standard camping meals choices for these trips.

TWO DAY GROUP TRIP - Beginning at $300/person
- Beginning at $420/person
- Beginning at $520/person
- Beginning at $600/person

PRIVATE Guided Canoe Camping Trips - arranged upon requests:

We will gladly arrange private trips at a time that works in your schedule based on our availability.
We prefer to keep the maximum group size at 4 people. We will accommodate up to 6 people if necessary for private parties.
Hornbeck Boats, high quality, light weight camping gear and our standard camping meals choices are included for these trips.
Feel free to provide your own lightweight canoe, paddling gear, camping gear and/or meals for your trip and save up to 20% off the trip cost.

TWO DAY PRIVATE TRIP - Beginning at $350/person for 2 people; $100 each additional person up to 4 people.
$600 for 1 person.
- Beginning at$487.50/person for 2 people; $150 each additional person up to 4 people.
$825 for 1 person.
- Beginning at $600/person for 2 people; $200 each additional person up to 4 people.
$1,000 for 1 person.
- Beginning at $137.50/person/day for 2 people; $50 each additional person/day up to 4 people.
$225/day for 1 person.

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